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Terms & conditions and policies

we are here to help you

Our core values are to make sure our customers are happy with our products and to give GREAT customer service.
We are very responsive, so if you have concerns, problems, questions, comments ,or suggestions, we take them very seriously.

Reach out to us here:  Contact Us
You can also use our help desk email directly at:

all tks products have a lifetime warranty:

-Every product that we sell has a lifetime warranty and will be honored provided the customer communicates the issue to us
-We will repair or replace any defective, broken or malfunctioning product at our expense
-In these cases, we will cover costs of shipping/return shipping (but return should be made by the customer within 30 days)
-The above warranties do not cover unreasonable, unethical or irresponsible use; we can deny a warranty claim if we feel this has happened

Our corporate address is:

256 Spur 156
Suite #726
Waskom, TX 75692


Return/Refund policy:

We want our customers to be happy with their purchase. First of all, customers must communicate to us when there is a problem. We will do everything reasonable to make it right.

-Most items we will require the customer return the item to us for a refund to be issued
-In most cases, a replacement item will not be dispatched until the customer has sent the item they are returning
-There may be cases where we give a refund without return based on the item cost
-Our fulfillment/return center is located in Ruston, LA; you will have this address on your labels
-Generally, TKS will pay for the return shipping if the customer acts in good and reasonable faith; however TKS does reserve the right to ask the customer to return an item at their expense if unreasonable, unethical or irresponsible use has occurred in TKS’ judgment or if it’s an international shipment
-Customers who have been sent a TKS return label at our expense need to make the return within 30 days, or the return label will be cancelled. At that point the customer may have to pay for return shipping if they want to send it back.

buyers remorse chargebacks and friendly fraud

We want our customers to be happy. If you have buyers remorse or a change of heart after ordering an item, reach out to us as soon as possible and we can cancel your order. We will always let you return an item.  It’s our mission to make you happy. 

However, you also agree to not file a chargeback or dispute against us falsely. If you did not try to work with us first, or didn’t want to take time to return the item, it is a false claim.

If you are a customer that files a dispute instead of working us, this is called “friendly fraud” and is illegal; we always will do the right thing when it comes to our customers, so should you as well.

-You agree to cooperate with us in the return and refund process (we will make it as easy on you as possible), instead of falsifying information on a chargeback dispute
-By law, you are required to contact us first and work with us regarding any transaction dispute
-You agree that if you file a chargeback dispute without contacting us, you are legally liable to TKS for all court and recovery costs and your information can be given to a database that tracks fraud customers and bad debts.
-Low moral people that file disputes unnecessarily, will be banned from all of our sales channels as well and can be reported to credit agencies
-We will turn all personal information over to law enforcement regarding any illegal activities committed in conjunction with our site

As an FYI your credit company does require that you follow all reasonable procedures with the merchant as well. Filing a false credit card dispute for buyers remorse is known as “friendly fraud” and can have some unexpected consequences for customers.  U.S and international law states that buyers remorse is not a legal reason for filing a dispute or falsifying information to get a dispute approved.
We will freely share any evidence to the contrary if this scenario happens and take additional action.

We take action against illegal credit card disputes including blacklisting customers from our sales channels, and we can securely share your information with our fraud tracking databases compact, that could effect your ability to make purchases on other sites.


store policies

Contact Us for any issues, we promise to take care of you!
-Do not use our products for any illegal or immoral purpose
-Only use our products with the consent of ALL parties involved
-Our products ARE NOT for use for anyone under the age of 18
-We will always give you great service, you be courteous as well
-We have an “act like an adult” policy; if you are abusive, threatening to staff, other customers, etc. you will be banned from our platforms
-If we learn that our products have been used for any illegal or non-consensual purpose, we will turn over all relevant information to law enforcement freely


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