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affiliate policies

These affiliate policies will be observed in our agreements to pay out affiliates who promote our products and services.

Affiliate prospects will first need to visit our affiliate area here and fill out the form to become an affiliate. Once they are approved, they will be able to login to set their affiliate link, access their dashboard and have full transparency of conversions referred from their site.

-Apply to be an affiliate here: Affiliate Area – The Kink Shop

-To log into your account use the same link.



The TKS Affiliate Program is a great way to earn commission for your company driving sales to the TKS site. Each affiliate account will need to be approved by us. Different accounts can have different parameters, but unless specified differently in your agreement, each account can expect the following as listed below.
  1. Commission is paid on legitimate orders brought to the TKS website by your company.
  2. The default commission for each order is 5%, but we may increase this in your agreement, depending on how many sales are coming over from your platform.
  3. Payouts will be paid every 30-days.
  4. Commission is based on the net sale (which does not include shipping costs, etc. Example: If a customer ordered a Tazzapper for $40 and paid $10 shipping, the commission will be calculated off of the $40).
  5. The above stipulation will not however, apply to items that reduce the net, such as gift cards, store credits, coupons, etc. You will still get the full gross amount for those.
  6. We guarantee our products for life, so we won’t make rules on items cannot be returned etc. Even if the item is returned, you will retain your full commission.
  7. We won’t take out service fees from your commission either.
Things to remember:
  1. For you to get credit, the customer needs to use your unique affiliate URL link.
  2. If for some reason this cannot be done, please notify us within 7-days of the transaction, the customer’s information; if we find a match, we will manually add this into your commission for you.
Are there times when we can  retroactively claw back commission?
Yes, there are a few scenarios where we can negate previous commission from your current balance. Examples include:
  1. If the referred customer is a fraudulent order; we have security checks in place, however, we won’t pay commission on fraud orders.
  2. If the customer files a chargeback without notifying us of any issues (also referred to as “friendly fraud”).
  3. If the customer has used the products in any criminal or immoral acts.
  4. If the customer acts in any way that could constitute damage to our reputation or operations, or your company’s.
  5. Any other serious infraction that we deem constitutes a denial in commission; however we will notify you about this and you do have the option to appeal.

Feel free to Contact Us for any questions.

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