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Would your TNG group or community benefit from greater educational resources?  Do you wish that you could send some of your leaders to educational events so that they could come back with better information and inspiration for future events and endeavors?  Would you like the opportunity to build a library of quality kink educational materials?

The truth is that there is just no way that a land locked TNG group can stay abreast of best practices in kink education without some budget, and the sad truth is that many TNG’ers are college students with limited disposable income. has an idea that could help! You might even get some awesome exposure for your TNG group as a side benefit!

We are launching a new fundraising department to help!  How does this sound?  We will build you a profile/landing page on our website where you can put all kinds of helpful information, images etc. and people will be able to access it without signing into Fetlife or revealing your personal information in facebook!  When you send someone from your community to your page, they can follow a link to our store and when they purchase the awesome toys that we are famous for (like our swivel floggers or our exclusive best selling Tazapper) with your code, you will get 10% of their total purchase into your fundraiser fund and when your goal is reached we will cut your a check!  We will even create some flyers for you to print out and hang at your play parties or dungeon!

This costs you nothing.  There is no risk, and no way that this could cost you money.  It’s simple.  Partner with us and fill out the form below to get your own fundraiser code.  After your organization has been vetted and your cause verified,  we will issue you a code for the site.  When someone uses your code, you will get 10% of all orders credited to your cause and on orders over $50 the customer will get $5 off.  We will host and informational profile page on to help you with a social media campaign and create posters for you to post at your local dungeon.

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