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Fire Flogger


  •  Flogger material made from Kevlar for longer burn time
  • Oak handle has a single ball for ergonomic grip
  • Falls are approximately 10-11″ in length
  • Handle is approximately 10″ in length for safety
  • This same type of Kevlar was used on the NASA space shuttles, this provides an extended burn time

Kevlar, a registered trademark of the Dupont Company.

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Have you ever been to a fire display?  They are quite incredible after dark with the fire master twirling the fire floggers through the air leaving a trail of fire light in its wake.

Fire Floggers falls are made from Kevlar, a registered trademark of the Dupont Company. Falls are about 10-11″. They have 10 inch oak handles, long enough to protect the hands of the top and still be close enough to the bottom for safety.

The fire floggers are attached to the handle by chains with ball bearing assembly for a smooth action.

Fire play is a form of temperature play that involves using flame on or very close to, the skin. The flame is typically on or applied with a fire wand (essentially a small torch), and frequently utilizes 70% isopropyl alcohol as fuel. Other common fire play toys include flaming gloves and flaming floggers; other common varieties of fuel include 91% isopropyl alcohol, mousse, hand sanitizer, super-proof rum, grain alcohol, and flash cotton. As with many forms of BDSM play, the “proper” tools, fuels, and safety guidelines are often in hot contention between players.

Fire play is usually considered a form of edge play – frequently exciting, but with significant dangers. Unlike other forms of edge play (extreme rough body play, blood play, interrogations, abductions, etc.), fire play scenes tend to look kinder and gentler; although it can be dramatic, the sensations inflicted in most fire play scenes aren’t actually painful (much like hot wax play or sensation play). Fire play also rarely leaves marks on the skin – though some people deliberately burn the skin slightly to leave it red and irritated. For this reason, some people consider fire play’s edge play classification something of a technicality; it’s classified as edge play simply because out-of-control flame could result in terrible consequences.

Although it’s a bit in vogue at the moment, fire play is banned at many events – perhaps because the presence of open flame makes building owners or insurance providers nervous.

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 4 × 1 in
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Fire Flogger, Stuffed Fire Flogger

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You can have both! Just add both these floggers and get off on your second one.


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