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Welcome to The Kink!  If you are kinky, you've found an online home.  We want to put our years of expertise to work to make your journey as pleasureable as possible, so whether your are looking for floggers, canes, whips or just information, welcome home!

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Our Toys

The Kink Shop is an online Store originated in 2003 and is home based in Shreveport, Louisiana. Mac and rita started vending the products, which Mac had crafted, at local events. Samantha joined the family in 2006 and her expertise in leather work added a new dimension to our company which has grown by leaps and bounds from the first.

MISSION STATEMENT We strive to provide quality merchandise at affordable prices. Our products are very fine quality and we stand behind them with a full replacement guarantee if they cannot be repaired.

Take me to the toys!

The Legendary Tazapper

This fun toy gives a static shock of electricity concentrated on the point of contact. It has great intimidation factor as the sound and spark are quite impressive. Overall length is 15 inches. It uses 2 AA batteries and is active when button is pushed. There is no electricity stored when button is released.  As seen on!

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