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TazapDicament Contest!

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! I present to you, the very first annual TaZapdicament contest. Above you can see the video explanation, but here is the fine print! The winner of the contest will receive $50 to spend at (in the form of a credit). You can use this on any of our merchandise, but you have to spend it during the month of December (that should be the easy part).

The contest is to see who can come up with the most creative predicament using a Tazapper. This should be easy! Let’s define the terms… To be a predicament the bottom must have to make a choice and a Tazapper must be used in the predicament in some way. A Tazapper is a small electrical device that emits an annoying or painful arc when touched to a human. It will be red and black. (This is not a Tazer, a mazer, a Lazer, or a weedeater named “tazapper” only an actual Tazapper will do (though I recommend using those other things in the contest if possible…) This must be consensual BDSM play. Using the device without consent isn’t cool and will disqualify you from the contest. Entries must be in by Midnite on November the 25th. The winner will be announced on November the 26th. Entries must be posted on youtube, fetlife, twitter or facebook, and they must be linked to the fetlife contest group, links on the wall of our fan page, or posted on twitter #tazapdicament. ┬áVIDEO IS STRONGLY ENCOURAGED (but still images will still be considered)

Judging will be done by the kink shop staff, and will be based on creativity, pure meanness, aesthetics, and entertainment value.