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The Legendary Tazapper

This fun toy gives a static shock of electricity concentrated on the point of contact. It has great intimidation factor as the sound and spark are quite impressive. Overall length is 15 inches. It uses 2 AA batteries and is active when button is pushed. There is no electricity stored when button is released.  As seen on!

Monthly Special

Get $10 of when you buy a pair of our innovative swivel floggers!

Ouch at the speed of sound!

Our Leather Snake Whip comes in the 3 foot length. Leather is cowhide and is not as strong nor as supple as kangaroo but still quality and will last for years. As are all our whips, they are 12 plait. And shot loaded.



Our swivel floggers with finger loops come in 4 sensations from soft deer tanned leather to suede, to combo and all rubber.

Combos are soft deer tanned leather with 8 rubber falls inside for muted sting. . The falls are 20twenty inches long withand have 22-24 falls. The overallOver all length is 26 inches. The deer-tanned, suede, and combo come in a variety of colors including Red, Blue, Purple, Green and Black. Rubber floggers come in black only and in two weights, light and heavy rubber.

And our Bunny Flogger is for the one who is not into pain, the falls are made from genuine rabbit fur. The “handle” end is shiny black finished, varnished hardwood, 11 inches long and the rabbit pelts vary in length.



Whips can be either romantic, as in the cowboys with the long whip unrolling over the heads of the cattle with a sharp “CRACK!” to the vicious scourging whips used by ancient Romans to extract information from enemies. In our lifestyle, it can be as gentle as a sensual light kiss to heavy enough to break the skin of those who desire more pain that most. 

We pride ourselves on the high quality of our whips and the affordable pricing. Our whip maker, Master Mac, of The Kink Shop has been making whips for 20 years plus. He makes an excellent whip, but as there is no “middle man” we can still keep our prices reasonable. The whips are braided from 12 strands of beveled edge material and are shot loaded for better control. This is called 12 plait. He makes whips of Kangaroo, leather and nylon.

All our Whips are very high quality. They are all 12 plait and shot loaded. They are beautiful whips and priced reasonably, very easy to learn to crack and to control.



Our canes are rattan, oil-filled and dipped multiple times in marine varnish for maximum flexibility and durability. They can be cleaned with any anti-bacterial solution for play with multiple play partners.

3 piece Set of plain canes has 1 each diameter of ½, 3/8, and ¼ inch and includes a canvas bag. $35.00

The 3 piece cane set with bead handles is exactly the same as the plain cane set except that it has 4 hardwood beads spaced to make a comfortable handle. $55.00

The Travel set Has same diameter canes as other two sets, but all are 24 inches long to fit in most luggage and with the addition of a slapper paddle. $55.00

The Deluxe set has the 3 piece bead handle set with the addition of a ¾ inch cane, a 1/3 inch cane and a bundle of 1/8 inch canes (bundle has approximately 8 canes) as well as a slapper paddle for a total of 7 pieces. The $110.00 price is a savings of $50.00 if purchased separately. They now come in colors: Black, Red, Purple, Green, blue as well as natural rattan. $125.00 !/8th inch bundle.

Our bundles are made from canes that have been oil soaked and individually dipped several times in marine varnish as have all our canes, then the tips are dipped in rubber to prevent fraying. Leave the rubber o-ring toward the tip for a thud sensation or slide it up near the handle for more sting. Of course, as in all canes, the smaller diameter cane, the more it stings.$35.00

3/4 inch Rattan Cane treated as all our canes are and the handle is dipped in rubber dip for grip ability. $25.00



To some tops, there is nothing like the satisfaction they get from using a paddle on bare buns and watching the rosy color develop. On the other hand (back side?) the bottom loves the feel of the burn building. For those with that fetish we have paddles of wood, rubber and leather all guaranteed to light up your life with prices ranging from $15.00 to $30.00

R U B B E R   T O Y S


For the more extreme players, rubber is a most satisfying option. Our rubber toys range from very thin with major stinging sensation to very heavy with an extremely intense feel. Some are whip like, such as the “dragon’s tail” or viper and lashes to the rubber paddle. We recommend any or all of them for the player who is more intense. Our rubber is neoprene and there is no latex in any product that we sell.

S E N S A T I O N   P L A Y


Toys in this section are for those player who are less into pain and more into gentle sensations. You can flog your partner with the bunny flogger, or give them a sensual massage with the bongers, tickle them with the bear claw, made from bunny fur or scratch with sensation mitt. Let your imagination soar with the toys in this section. And there is, of course, the ever popular TAZapper which gives a mild static electric shock.

F I R E    P L A Y


What can be more thrilling than watching a performance by a skilled fire play performer, Florentine flogging with fire on the ends, juggling the floggers? OK it is more thrilling for a bottom to feel the warmth of the floggers on their body, or for the top to cause the pleasure of the bottom. We have 2 different types of floggers, both made of Kevlar. One has just looped Kevlar falls, the other has the falls stuffed with a very absorbent material for longer burn time – up to 4 or 5 minutes for the initial burn.

B A G S   &   C A S E S


The items in this category are not for play, but to make your play better. They protect your toys. The flogger bags are slick satin-like material designed to keep the falls on your floggers straight and smooth while stored in your toy bag. The heavy canvas cane bags are the same bags that come free with our cane sets to keep your canes together and protect from being banged or crushed in the toy bag. The roll-up is our version of a toy bag and carries all your toys when you go out to the dungeon.