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Made of canvas, this cane bag is the one that comes free with our cane sets. It is 36 inches long with a drawstring top.

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Our Cane Bag is made of canvas, thirty six inches long and six inches wide with a draw string closeure.  As we sell our canes in sets, this is the bag that comes free with sets. We have, however, had so many requests for the protective cane bag that we put them for sale on our website, as well as vending events. The sturdy canvas used helps keep your canes organized as well as being  protective.

The cane bag also camoflages your canes in case you are taking them into a play space where they have to be transported through a public area. Have you ever driven up to an address for a play party and realized it was in a residential area with children playing outside? Or an apartment building with potentially vanilla people walking through public areas? Our cane bag is for you.  Though most toy cases are too short for canes, the cane bag completely hides what is inside! And at only Fifteen Dollars ($15.00) it is a great deal, although for just Twenty Dollars more, you can add three more excellent canes to your arsenal.

The cane bag also fits well inside our roll up toy bag sold separately.






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