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With our ¾ inch rattan cane, you hear the sharp “WHOOSH” through the air, the meaty smack of cane against skin…

Rattan and Bamboo have been used for punishment and discipline for centuries, in the 21st Century, like so many other things, we have found a way to take something that used to be feared and use it for a completely different purpose!

If you’re looking for a sharp and stinging impact toy, then our 3/4 Inch Rattan Canes are one you want. They make an amazing noise as it whooshes through the air and leaves stripes and welts on the bottom. If you have never used a 3/4 Inch Rattan Cane before, please make certain you practice safe impact and perfect your skill on pillows or cushions prior to using this during play. This will leave marks (though how long they last depends on the bottom).

This 3/4 Inch Rattan Cane is a very useful Kinky punishments straight rattan cane, also known as a stable cane. This style of rattan cane is used extensively in the Far East as the stock item for severe punishment in all disciplined establishments. Extensively used on all parts of the offenders body from the shoulders to the soles of their feet. A severe application of this cane will make any miscreant think twice of repeat offending.

This hand crafted 3/4 Inch Rattan Cane also known as a punishment cane used for administering discipline in English public schools in the 1960’s and before a cane suited for wielding A few strokes from this cane would leave stinging experience that can linger in a recipient’s bottom for quite some time with thin red stripes.

They are crafted out of 1st quality rattan which was the choice material for authentic school punishment canes. Rattan is a light yet strong and very flexible plant material with remarkable durability and effectiveness.

To clean, use any antibacterial  wipe and allow to  dry before returning to your toy bag.

 Rattan Guarantee:

Our rattan is Guaranteed for as long as you own it.  We will replace broken canes.

 All rattan is guaranteed to be crooked – not straight. Some poles are nearly straight and we do our best to straighten them.

All rattan is guaranteed to be a different color from the last time you bought it and from other rattan in stock.
All rattan is guaranteed to taper and the amount of taper will vary from pole to pole.
All rattan is guaranteed to split without proper care. We do not ship split poles, but it may occur over time. For ideas on how to reduce splitting, please see our suggested rattan care below.

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