1/8 Inch Rattan Cane


This little  cane is just 1/8 Inch Rattan Cane and the sting reminds one of her mother’s switch. Very stingy!

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Our  1/8 Inch Rattan Cane reminds one of their mother’s switch because it is very stingy!!

Rattan Canes have been associated with discipline for centuries. And our 1/8 Inch Rattan Cane is no different. This 1/8 Inch Rattan Cane is wonderful for building impact play whether you want it light or a little more intense. With a secure and flexible handle, and the thin springy reeds doing the work, this implement offers excellent coverage and sensation! This toy is recommended for light, stinging impact and sensation play. Heavy impact is not recommended. Please note that these are not indestructible so play with care.

This is a hand crafted 1/8 Inch Rattan Cane. First off, we use the best lengths of rattan for our canes. While we carefully select our rattan lengths for ALL the canes we sell, the best lengths in terms of rattan quality and characteristics are used to make our canes.

Simply wipe it down with anything antibacterial and you’re ready for the next time. These items can cause serious injury if used improperly.
All of the items listed are handmade and are top quality. As each item is handmade, each piece if also unique and details may vary slightly from what is pictured. 

Rattan Guarantee:-
Our rattan is guaranteed for as long as you own them. We will replace broken canes.
All rattan is guaranteed to be crooked – not straight. Some poles are nearly straight and we do our best to straighten them.
All rattan is guaranteed to be a different color from the last time you bought it and from other rattan in stock.
All rattan is guaranteed to taper and the amount of taper will vary from pole to pole.
All rattan is guaranteed to split without proper care. We do not ship split poles, but it may occur over time. 

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