1/8 Inch Rattan Cane Bundle


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This is a bundle of approximately 9 1/8 inch canes bundled together.

1/8 Inch Rattan Cane Bundle is made from canes that have been oil soaked and individually dipped several times in marine varnish as have all our canes. Then the tips are dipped in rubber to prevent fraying. At this time, approximately 7 canes are bundled together to form the 1/8 inch Rattan Cane Bundle. Leave the rubber o-ring toward the tip  for a thud sensation or slide it up near the handle for more sting. Of course, as in all canes, the smaller diameter cane, the more it stings.

This 1/8 Inch Rattan Cane Bundle is an excellent accessory for School theme role-plays, adult school parties and adult school reenactments or just plain spicing things up between consenting adult couples and to keep that naughty boy or girl behaving and in control.

Rattan is a flexible fibrous wood that does not become too brittle when dry, making it perfect for punishment canes. These can be used for Light to Heavy Impact Play. Keep in mind that this is a natural material. Each one will look slightly different from another. And this like all of our canes is repeatedly dipped in marine varnish to insure not only the longevity of the cane but also so that it is easily cleaned.

Rattan Cane Guarantee

Our rattan is Guaranteed for as long as you own it.  We will replace broken canes.

All rattan is guaranteed to be crooked – not straight. Some poles are nearly straight and we do our best to straighten them.
All rattan is guaranteed to be a different color from the last time you bought it and from other rattan in stock.
All rattan is guaranteed to taper and the amount of taper will vary from pole to pole.
All rattan is guaranteed to split without proper care. We do not ship split poles, but it may occur over time. For ideas on how to reduce splitting.

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